23 Things: Week 12

Overall from the 23 Things, I have learnt new online tools and resources which I have never known, and I was able to know how much I did not know about them. Now I hope to actively use some of the chosen online tools and websites for my academic life, and also for investing into my research. I feel that I have not been fully committed with the blog posting, but I would like to say thank you to the 23 Things team with posting and organising this.


23 Things: Week 11

I personally pursue a academic career in teaching and research. The recommended websites are of use, but I think I will be looking into them more in later stages of my PhD years (since I am just 4 months in the programme). With EURAXESS, funding opportunities are important for research and this website would be useful when collaborating with other researchers to conduct a larger scale research in future.

With personal branding, and my own website, I have not had enough time to fully explore the tools suggested through 23 Things, but I have definitely solidified by profile in LinkedIn and I am trying to update and be active with my profile there. Twitter, which I chose to use it as an academic profile/presence online whereas Facebook is more for personal and social reasons, I do not use it as often as I use Facebook. Thankfully, Twitter sends me email of the tweets that are uploaded, which I spend some time looking at. But I feel that I need to get into a habit using these online resources and tools, or at least be active online.


23 Things: Week 10

For the majority of the tools presented, I have had experience with – webinars, doodle, google drive, dropbox.

However, Crowdsourcing and Hangout is something new. I am still not fully comfortable using online community sites, or social networking sites, but they sure a useful tools that I should get hands on, especially to get and share resources online.

In terms of personal preference, I prefer using google drive, just because it links with google docs/spreadsheet/email/etc. and also doodle, compared with other scheduling sites, as I am most familiar with it. I have not had a chance to use doodle since starting my PhD, but previously I have been using it for event organising and group organising.


23 Things: Week 8

Looking at the world of publishing and impact, it has been motivating to work hard and continually research whilst doing my work. I am currently preparing a paper for publication and it sure is a tough and time-consuming process, which requires me to manage my time wisely, i.e. balancing with my PhD Thesis at the same time. It is currently going well, but who knows what to come! About the impact factors and impact of the paper, through 23 Things, it has really opened my eyes to consider this and also aim for a paper that is potentially impactful to society/academia.

23 Things: Week 7

I have been exploring presentations and podcasts.

I recently subscribed to TED Talks Education as I was asked to listen to one as a task for a seminar I attended. It was on teaching and how to create ‘magic’ in teaching by Christopher Emdin – (online link).

As a person to pursues an career in academia (teaching and research), this podcast was so intriguing and interesting, that I bought Emdin’s latest book: ‘For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood… and the Rest of Y’all Too’ in order to know further about this ideas of pedagogy. I’ve only just started to read the book, so after reading it, I will update you with a review of it.

Those who are interested in education and are hoping to enhance your teaching, this podcast/talk and book is highly recommended!